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Kiko lopez

Watch Michela Cattai at Work

On Daniella on Design

Watch how Cattai creates her incredible pieces, in Daniella's piece on this artist and her time-honored methods.

Book O'Sullivan

A New Glamour by Bryan O'Sullivan

A Book Signing at Maison Gerard

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the designer's new book. 

egan chairs

Carol Egan in Elle Decor

A Look at the Designer's East End Home

“You start living by the light,” says designer Carol Egan, in this article by Paola Singer.

Niamh Barry

Niamh Barry

In Studio

The Irish artist discusses her work, process, material and inspiration in this new video shot at her Dublin studio.

Janus pieces Ayala Serfaty

Ayala Serfaty Unveils Janus

Her New Series in Patinated Bronze

In this new video, the artist describes her new series, named for the two-faced Roman god of time, beginnings, transitions, and endings.

A Look Behind the Scences

A Look Behind the Scences

At the Studio of Barbro Ã…berg

Images of the artist's garden and studio, both setting and source of inspiration for her incredible works of perlite-infused clay.

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