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Achille Salvagni

Octopus Chandelier

Italy, 2014



In a project by by Ike Kligerman Barkley and D’Apostrophe Design.

Custom Octopus in a project by Amy Lau

Custom Octopus in a project by Amy Lau


Medium:  Gun metal patinated bronze, onyx, polished bronze decorative elements

Dimensions:  43.25 in high × 90.5 in wide × 90.5 in deep

Octopus is Italian designer Achille Salvagni’s most ambitious chandelier to date. Made of gunmetal patinated bronze, the piece is accented with polished bronze ornaments and onyx. The Octopus’ eight arms—spanning ten feet across—reach out and over one another, creating an unmatched visual dynamism and bathing all below in a warm, soft light only an onyx shade is capable of producing.

Edition of 20 + 1P

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