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Achille Salvagni

Milano, Contemporary Lounge Chair

Italy, 2021

SAL 138


Medium: Bronze, 24ct gold, wood, upholstery

Dimensions: 28.5 in high x 31.5 in wide x 39.5 in deep

The Milano chair is an exercise in geometry with only three support cradles, two of which are in lacquered wood and the third in 24ct gold. Set upon this solid base are a luxurious ovoid back and a generous round seat, which, in concert, provide support and comfort in ample measure.

Milano is Salvagni’s portrait of the famed Italian city. Originally founded as a group of three Roman settlements (portrayed by the chair's three squared supports), eventually Milan expanded into the city we know today with its almost circular geographical spread around the original citadel (illustrated by the circular form of the seat of Salvagni's chair). Creatively speaking, Milan occupies a unique position within Europe, famed for its architecture, fashion, and industrial design, museum and gallery culture, music, food, sport and education, it brings huge numbers of people together to create, celebrate and enjoy its rich history.

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