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André Arbus

Exceptional and Monumental Neoclassically Inspired Table

France, 1955

ARB 06


Medium:  Cherry wood, black lacquer, and gilt bronze

Dimensions:  30.25 in high x 157 in wide x 40.25 in deep

Made for the Palais des Consuls de Rouen in 1955, this piece is not merely remarkable for its size, but for its blend of contemporary and traditional elements. André Arbus, one of the foremost French designers of the early-to-mid twentieth century, was as deeply entrenched in traditional French furniture-making as he was committed to innovation. This unity of past and present is evident in the way gilded embellishment, and a certain visual weight, both characteristic to Arbus’ rich design heritage, serve to ennoble an otherwise modern aesthetic of simple lines and rudimentary geometric forms.

Unique piece (special commission)

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