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Medium: Silvered metal legs, upholstery

Dimensions: 33.5 in high x 74 in wide x 39 in deep

This scaled down mid-century Spade sofa possesses the designer's recognizable thin legs, in this case silvered, and has a broad back set at a charming angle from it's comfortable seat.

In addition to notable private commissions throughout Europe and the Americas, Batistin Spade executed projects for maritime and aviation companies, for banks and insurance companies, and for governments and their ministries. The Mobilier National commissioned large furniture collections for its ministries and French foreign delegations—for the Ministries of Labor and Finance, for the Merchant Navy and the PTT, and for embassies in Ottawa and Warsaw. The DeGrasse, Ile’de’France, Liberte, Flandre, the Normandie, are just a few of the thirty ocean liners Spade was commissioned to help decorate.


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