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Carol Egan

Robusto, Contemporary Sculptural Chair

United States, 2023

CE 48B


Painted fiberglass.

Height: 24" - Width: 18.375" - Depth: 17.75" - Seat height: 16.5"


Carol Egan's works are produced using 3D modeling software and are then crafted and hand finished using traditional woodworking techniques.

Egan emphasizes unique form and structure, and is focused on coaxing subtle sensibilities to the fore. Crafted with traditional fabrication methods, her pieces perform the unimagined. Obsessed with the curvaceous, she breathes life into materials that are typically heavy and rigid with her light, inspired revelations of line—with playful forms and luxury concealments that explore the theme of doubling and the play of shadow and reflection alike.

Inspired by power structures found in nature, the Robusto chair further develops the cantilever and cylindrical forms found in other works in this series.

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