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Christopher Côme

Important Series of Four Screens

France, 2008

DLT 06


Medium: Patinated steel and hand-painted industrial found glass

Dimensions: 100.25 in high x 46.5 in wide x 2.5 in deep

Profoundly moved by nature, and inspired by a passion for contemporary architecture and sculpture, Côme renders exquisite forms through a variety of intensive metal working processes, and the application of beautiful finishes on industrial and found materials alike. This work is perhaps described best by the Christina Grajales Gallery (which has represented the artist exclusively since 2006): “the metamorphosis of raw industrial material through Côme’s stylistic vocabulary creates objects that transcend time.”

These panels were specifically designed for a private Manhattan residence arranged by Ernest de la Torre. The artist made use of a special hand-painted found glass which is no longer available.

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