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Erik Kylberg & Lars Israël Wahlman

Jugendstil Coffee Table

Tesarud, Sweden, circa 1910-1915

KYL 04


Medium: Carved birchwood

Dimensions: 23.25 in high x 32.5 in diameter

Designed by Lars Israël Wahlman at the Eriksson Brothers workshop. From a set also including a pair of armchairs, a pair of  side chairs, and dining table.

From the Kylberg family beach house, Sweden. Fabricated by the Eriksson brothers' studio in Taserud, Sweden. Taserud was on the forefront of the Jugendstil design movement in Sweden, executing the designs of artists and architects such as Ferdinand Boberg, Axel Lindgren, Carl Westman, and of course, Lars Israël Wahlman. This style envisioned interiors as whole units, not made up of scattered elements. The Eriksson workshop, led by Christian Eriksson, was in touch with the Swedish elite of the early twentieth century through Price Eugen. This reputation made Taserud a destination for Swedish design.

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