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Georgis & Mirgorodsky

Whalebone, Custom Curved Sofa with Removable Ottoman

United States, 2017



Medium: Wood with a nickle finish

Dimensions: 12 ft, 8 in diameter

A sweeping revision of the conventional sectional, this fabulous piece by Georgis & Mirgorodsky curls gracefully into a semicircle, and rests on a series of well-spaced legs. While only loosely inspired by its namesake—the sofa's legs resemble the mammal’s vertebrae—the piece shares something of the whale’s majestic presence.

Available in three standard sizes, as well additional custom sizes, curving in excess 180 degrees, and flush with detachable, matching ottomans, these pieces are perfect for creating intimacy without sacrificing space.

Legs come in the following finish options:
Polished bronze
Satin nickel on bronze
Antique bronze finish
Dark bronze finish

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