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Georgis & Mirgorodsky

Whalebone Sofa

United States, 2017

WTG 01

Georgis Sofa

A William McIntosh interior in Departures Magazine

A Mark Epstein project.

A Mark Epstein project.


Medium: Satin nickel on bronze

Dimensions: 30.5 in high x 120 in wide x 37 in deep

Dimensions of seat: 17 in high x 22 in deep 

A sweeping revision of the conventional sectional, this fabulous piece by Georgis & Mirgorodsky curls gracefully into a semicircle, and rests on a series of well-spaced, polished bronze legs. While only loosely inspired by the vertebrae of a whale, the sofa possesses every ounce of the eponymous mammal's majestic presence.

Size, finish and upholstery customizable.

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