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Jacques Adnet

Wall Mounted Shelves

France, 1950s

ADN 16


Dimensions vary (and pieces sold seperately):

Height: 14.5" - Width: 31.25" - Depth: 10.25"
Height: 18.5" - Width: 13" - Depth: 7.75"
Height: 14.25" - Width: 18.25" - Depth: 10.25 "

Medium: Metal hanging system with shelves covered in leather & trimmed in bamboo.

Jacques Adnet is a distinctive figure of French twentieth-century design. With a career spanning the Art Deco period, Adnet strove to create beautiful shapes which culminated in functional pieces for everyday life. With his intriguing use of unusual materials, Adnet transcended the Art Deco tradition which nurtured him. Today, he is remembered for work of consumate elegance and luxury.

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