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Jean-Louis Deniot for Pouenat

Cottos, Coffee Table

France, 2016



Medium: Mirror-polished brass glass varnish, white nickel-plated steel, lacquered steel with a glass top

Dimensions:  14 in high x 51 in wide x 35 in deep

It has been said of Jean-Louis Denios that if he “does contemporary, it is always with a weighty dose of history.” This could not be truer of Cottos, the coffee table he has designed for Pouenat. While startlingly modern in form, the piece is a feat of traditional craftsmanship and a testament to the metal-working heritage Pouenat helped to create.

Available as a console as well, Cottos features a cage of interlocking polished brass rods and is topped in glass.

The piece is also available by commission with bespoke dimensions.

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