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Jean-Luc Le Mounier

Hamada, Black/Midnight Blue Contemporary Mirror

France, 2021



Black and blue enamel, silvered glass

Diameter: 42.12"
Weight: 62 lbs.

Behind all of of Le Mounier’s creations “there is an idea, a story”—a highly personal experience ranging as far afield as his travels or his meetings. In this case, the artist evokes the type of arid landscape for which his remarkable series of pieces are named—one characterized by barren, rocky plateaus devoid even of sand.

Jean-Luc Le Mounier’s work has such a distinct style it is at times easy to overlook its underlying craft. A Compagnon du Devoir, he creates each piece by his thoroughly expert hand. By employing ever-more complex techniques, wedding rare species of wood and precious metals in novel arrangements, and endowing each piece with incredible components, Jean Luc Le Mounier creates work, astonishing and seductive in equal measure, that pushes the frontier of his craft to the level of art.

To evoke the rugged Hamada landscape, Le Mounier sculpts individual metal plates, each of which created by a process of melting black crystal onto copper foil) around the boarder of his striking silvered glass mirror.

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