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Jean-Luc Le Mounier

Small Papillon with Black Wings, Contemporary Two-door Cabinet

France, 2021



Silver, black straw marquetry, bronze, nubuck leather

Height: 61" - Width: 63" - Depth: 17.75"
Weight: 242 lbs.

By employing ever-more complex techniques, wedding rare species of wood and precious metals in novel arrangements, and endowing each piece with incredible components, Jean-Luc Le Mounier creates work, astonishing and seductive in equal measure, that pushes the frontier of his craft into the realm of art.

This exciting exploration is perhaps best-evidenced by Papillon pieces, Le Mounier’s series of inimitable cabinets, all rendered by his expert hand, and featuring doors carved into the shape of a butterfly’s wings. This particular iteration features wings covered in black straw marquetry, a delicate inner gate wrought of antiqued bronze, and a sumptuous interior of lemon ceylon wood.

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