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Jean-Luc Le Mounier

Contemporary Jewel Box With Finely Embroidered Doors

France, 2021



Bronze and gold thread, nubuck, straw marquetry

Height: 48.5" - Width: 37.5" - Depth: 16.2"
Weight: 132 lbs.

By employing ever-more complex techniques, wedding rare species of wood and precious metals in novel arrangements, and endowing each piece with incredible components, Jean-Luc Le Mounier creates work, astonishing and seductive in equal measure, that pushes the frontier of his craft into the realm of art.

With no piece is this more evident than his extravagant (and supremely elegant) contemporary jewel box. A subtle blend of tradition and avant-garde, this creation brings together luxe materials like bronze, gold thread, and nutbuck with age-old (though now rarely seen) techniques like embroidery and straw marquetry.

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