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Maison Leleu

Sofa with Rounded Back

France, 1930s



Medium: Beech, upholstery

Dimensions: Height: 29.5” – Width: 63.5” – Depth: 33.5”

A lush, upholstered sofa with rounded arms, back, and feet. These last, executed in French polished beech, serve as a charming, subtle accent.

For an illustration of a similar model, see Mobilier et Décoration, no. 5. 1946

Numbered: P25137

A 1930s design was reused for the making of this sofa in 1957 for the Villa Médy Roc in Cap d’Antibes (South of France), for which Maison Leleu was chosen to provide new furniture, lighting, and carpets. This was one of their most significant post-war commissions.



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