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Medium: Original Beka lacquer by Sain and Tambuté, engraved gold leaf, gilt bronze

Dimensions: 61" high x 90.5" wide x 17.75" deep

Paul-Etienne Saïn joined forces with Henri Tambuté, whom he met in captivity during the Second World War. The Saïn & Tambuté workshops carried out lacquer works for prestigious orders for the ocean liners France, Flandres, Provence, Antilles, Liberté, Ile de France, the luxury hotels Meurice, George V in Paris and Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo, and collaborated with great decorators such as Leleu, André Arbus and Raphaël.

This exceptional Beka lacquer cabinet was specifically designed for the living room of Mr. Frilet, one of Leleu’s most important clients. Engraved in gold leaf it sits atop four delicately figured, gilt bronze feet. It is recorded in Maison Leleu’s Livre des Créations under: 5457 Grand Meuble - Salon de Mr Frilet in 1961.

Numbered: 5457.

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