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Marino di Teana

Cercle Désintégré en Action Sculpture

France, 1964/2004



Medium:  Polished Steel

Dimensions:  19.75 in high x 21.5 in wide x 19.75 in deep


Edition number 3 of 4.

Cercle Désintégré en Action was conceived in the 1960s, shortly after Marino di Teana had a major revelation about the use of negative space in sculpture. What he realized, and what he intended to convey with this piece (a deconstruction of basic geometric form), is that negative space is at least as  important to sculpture as its physical components. To be merely conscious of negative space, or even to actively employ its use, was never enough for di Teana. From the moment of his revelation onward he would create nothing that did not emphasize the prominence of this otherwise underutilized element in his work.  

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