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Marino di Teana

Grand Cavelier Frédéric II Hohenstaufen (avec Marcher), Sculpture

France, 1990/2009



Medium:  Bronze

Dimensions:  20 in high x 8.75 in wide x 6.5 in deep


Edition 2 of 8.

At first glance this sculpture seems an unusual work for the artist who, decades earlier, had all but abandoned both representative subjects and bronze as a medium. These superficial qualities are deceiving, however, as the piece, like others of the period, possesses architectural qualities (horse and rider are here mechanical), a characteristic emphasis on negative space, and a heroic subject like those di Teana had paid homage to in the past. The sculpture depicts Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor at the turn 13th Century, who was a great patron of the arts and sciences, and who helped propel modern Italian into existence.  Edition number 2 of 8.


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