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Rainbow Patinated Bronze, Tiger's Eye Stone

Table 1. Height: 25 - Width: 12 - Depth: 12 inches
Table 2. Height: 21 - Width: 15 - Depth: 15 inches

Since the commencement of his career in 1983 (as a founding member of the Creative Salvage Group), Mark Brazier-Jones has honed a collection and philosophy unique within the concept of functional art, creating work unique for its capacity to evoke classical, surreal, futuristic, and spiritual themes.

In the case of these paired side tables Brazier-Jones blends the natural with the unnatural. Endowed with a living presence by name and form alike, these tables combine sumptuous, roughly hewn stone with polished and well-sculpted bronze, a deep juxtaposition of those things we find beautiful with those we find unsettling.

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