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Matthew Campbell Laurenza

Metallic Beetle, Jeweled Sculpture

Thailand, 2021




4,421 pcs of lapis
75 pcs of honey topaz
171 pcs of Citrine
272 pcs of rhodolite raspberry
139 pcs of rhodolite Orchid
1,365 pcs of white topaz
1,691pcs of black Spinel
Grand total: 8,134 pcs of gems | ~ 250 cts. of gems
Set in Silver with black rhodium plating

Dimensions: Height: 3" Length: 7.5" Width: 12.5"

Matthew Campbell Laurenza’s intricately crafted jeweled creatures and skull sculptures, large and small, are fascinating mechanisms of positive and negative flow. At first hand-carved from wax, his designs are then cast in silver and/or glass, faceted with ethically-sourced precious and semi-precious stones, and mounted with reclaimed materials. As stand-alone art pieces, or adorning boxes, vases, and other collectibles, his works represent the importance and immediacy of collective communication and understanding, to benefit our evolution and the sustainability of our mother earth.

Human beings have always had a complex relationship with the world of bugs. Weird and wonderful curiosities, many overlook the crucial role insects play in our eco systems. How different species of bugs thrive, survive or become extinct is an important indicator, as to the health and future of our planet, which would not survive without bugs. Each creature plays a pivotal part in the delicate balance necessary for life, as we know it, to exist. As with complicated machinery or mechanisms, if one part is removed or breaks down, the entirety is affected, and may cease to work at all. 

For Matthew, as a sculptor, artist, and designer, his ornate jeweled creations, whether individual pieces or adorning stylish boxes, vases or other decorative pieces, are an important tool for communication and awakening the collective conscience, speaking volumes, as creative artistic expressions of the human experience.

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