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Matthew Campbell Laurenza

Contemporary Decorative Box

Thailand, 2022



Enameled silver, sapphire (10.11 cts), moldavite (32.97 cts)

Height: 2.95 - Diameter: 3.38 inches

Matthew Campbell Laurenza’s designs stand as works of art showcasing superb traditional craftsmanship with the finest materials and ancient techniques. Matthew’s intensive, and most often lengthy, design process ensures exceptional quality that rivals top-tier luxury labels. Design inspiration and its intricacies are derived from the art, architecture, culture and history Matthew immerses himself in.

Quality and production measures are extremely stringent for each piece Matthew designs and creates. Colorful natural stones are sourced, selected and combined, from around the world, for each design. All rough stones are chosen by certified staff and shaped by the finest stone-cutters, to ensure optimum clarity and beauty. The provenance of stones, which are ethically sourced, offers nuance in each design, whether in surface texture or color gradient, to provide a unique identity. Matthew takes great care in choosing each stone to perfectly match the desired aesthetic for placement in each work of art.

Preserving these centuries-old, small-batch, artisanal techniques, to ensure their longevity is one of Matthew’s missions, in stark contrast to today’s unsustainable, high-waste, disposal, fast-fashion tendencies of mass production.

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