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Niamh Barry

On it Goes II, Suspended Light Sculpture

Ireland, 2020



Medium: Solid hand formed mirror polished bronze, glass, LEDs

Dimensions: 36" high x 62.75" deep x 106.75 in wide

As with the rest of Naimh Barry's work, On it Goes II is inspired by forms and movements in the natural world that evoke emotion. With every element of this new piece—its natural lines, counterbalance of polished metal and light, and arrangement of constituent shapes—the Irish sculptor, an innovator in the use of LED, has manipulated metal, space, and light to embody weightlessness and fluidity. 

Two new elements of Barry's work are here--seamless, sloping joints that connect each shape to its neighbor, and a shifting grade that expands and contracts as the viewer's eye passes around the line of one ellipse and on to the next. These two remarkable innovations render her already natural compositions more organic still, and, in effect, signal a leap forward in this artist's already sterling career.

Unique piece.

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