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Patinated bronze.

Height: 30.5" - Width: 94.5" - Depth: 24"

Niamh Barry often says that her sculptures are drawings in bronze and light. Inspired by natural beauty, her work transcends utility. She strives, above all else, to achieve striking visual balance, movement, and proportion. Her process is visceral, and allows her instinct to speak. Her pieces are thus experienced similarly—with emotion rather than contemplation alone. 

Since her large-scale commission for the National Bank of Ireland, she has been working in a aesthetic inspired by the famed Broighter Hoard—an elaboration on geometry, palette, and orientation. Now, with this extraordinary table, Barry has brought this language to bear on furnishings. In this case, sculptural supports composed of volumes of hand-formed bronze, which bloom and narrow, almost impossibly,  bear the tabletop aloft as though it is weightless. 

This piece won the Createurs Design Award for Best Product Design in 2023.



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