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Olivier Gagnère for Pouenat

Alsace Console

France, 2015


Medium:  Varnished bronze patinated brass and black lacquered wood

Dimensions:  35.4 in high x 56.7 in wide x 19.3 in deep

Olivier Gagnère has broken away from the confines of simple geometry, and with his desks and consoles has given birth to a new balance of shape and form. And yet, while his work tends to upend traditions, it nonetheless honors the design conventions that have influenced him. In this respect his furniture forces us to take notice, provokes our emotions, and demands that we question our references.

Olivier Gagnère’s Alsace, designed with this spirit of the refinement and flexibility of form, has a shiny polished brass frame and black lacquered wood top, and is, as Pouenat says of the artist’s output in full, “perfectly modern and classical at the same time.”

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