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Medium: Painted wood, marquetry, velvet

Dimensions: 31.25 in high x 102.25 in wide x 33.5 in deep

Signed: Pour Natacha / Pucci de Rossi 1984
Unique piece.

This unique sofa mixes the familiar with the historical. Taking on a distinctly asymmetrical style, the look of this piece defies definition. Featuring luscious velvet upholstery and painted wood taking on the appearance of gilding, this settee would be easily imagined in a courtly setting of the East.



Created as a special commission for Madame Corneille.


For an illustration of this identical model see: Nancy Huston, Jean-Louis Gaillemin, Laure Verniere, Ronan Bouroullec, Tommaso Tuppini, Lauren Fishbein. Pucci de Rossi. Paris: Éditions Norma, 2017. 240.

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