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Kiln fused glass, cast bronze

Height: 22" - Width: 14" - Depth: 14" 

The Mura side table was created in collaboration with Toronto-based glass design and fabrication atelier, Goodman Studio (GS). It pairs STACKLAB’s signature solid-bronze Jupiter leg castings with a triangular or droplet-shaped top of kiln-fused glass. The table’s name derives from the Japanese word for “unevenness, irregularity, inequality.”

In GS’s proprietary glass fabrication process, rods of borosilicate glass are broken. The glass fragments are meticulously arranged in the kiln bed to achieve a randomized pattern, then fired and cooled for a week. This process yields a distinctive mottled pattern of milky translucent veils and transparent glass windows. The slab is then polished and cut to size with a water jet. Because the glass is handmade, each tabletop takes three weeks to carve and polish, a process that is impossible to duplicate, making each Mura table unique. The Mura side table makes use of the offcut glass used to produce the Mura low table.

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