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Stéphane Parmentier

Collection Mercury: Fiumicino, Coffee Table

France, 2016

PARM 15-17


Medium: Statuary marble, patinated Emperor lava

Dimensions:  Available in three sizes

15 in high x 59 in wide x 25.5 in deep
18.75 in high x 17.5 in diameter
14.5 in high x 13.25 in diameter


Contemporary Stoneware Coffee Table

Limited edition of 12 + 3 AP


In Collection Mercury Stéphane Parmentier unites his streamlined aesthetic with his love of natural materials and passion for understated detail.

This cocktail table has a polished lava stone base and sleek marble table top. The dialogue between the strength of the table's medium and the elegance of its rendering evokes all that is most enchanting about air travel and the city of Rome itself. 


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