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Stéphane Parmentier

Collection Mercury: Linate & Malpensa, Contemporary Stoneware Side Table

France, 2015



Medium: Statuary marble, patinated Emperor lava

Dimensions Large: Height: 17.75" Diameter: 17.75"

Dimensions Small: Height: 14.5" Diameter: 13.25"

Limited edition of 24 + 4 AP

The Linate and Malpensa side tables, with their polished lava stone bases and sleek marble table tops, create a potent visual dialogue between the strength of medium and the elegance of form, and clearly distinguish Parmentier as a designer worth looking at. 

The two can accompany Parmentier's Fiumicino cocktail table beautifully in any room, either beside a chair or in a staggered pairing.

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