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Stéphane Parmentier

Collection Mercury: Gattaca

France, 2016

PARM 11-13


Medium:  Statuary marble

Dimensions: 3.5 in high x 9.5 in wide x 4.75 in deep

Limited edition of 24 + 4 AP


Gattaca is a series of four pieces, each carved from a single slab of statuary marble and crowned with the artist’s signature ornamental touch—in this case an understated yet complex series of perforations about the rim. With these pieces Stéphane Parmentier liberates the banal vide poche from its strictly utilitarian role and endows it with the aesthetic weight of the monolith.

Available in four sizes, Gattaca is extraordinarily versatile. The pieces can stand alone, accompany a settee, or add elegance to an occasional table.

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