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Thomas Boog for Pouenat

Pomme de Pin, Stool

France, 2011

BOOG 167


Medium:  Naturally rusted steel with matt and satin varnish

Dimensions:  19 in high x 19.75 in diameter


For Thomas Boog, Pomme de Pin is both a continuation of, and a departure from, his work to date. While he is a noted master of metal Boog is perhaps best known for his use of natural materials, particularly shells (in coquillage) in the creation of remarkable works of interior décor. But with Pomme de Pin he has worked in the inverse, employing man-made materials to capture the essence of a natural object.

He has not, despite this inversion, abandoned his use of natural materials in his work—or not entirely, at least. The deep brown/red color Boog achieves by allowing the piece to rust naturally in the sea air—before varnishing the whole to make it soft and velvety to the touch, of course.

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