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Véronique de Soultrait

Ecailles, Contemporary Rope Marquetry Wall Mirror

France, 2021



Wood, rope marquetry.

Diameter: 52" - Diameter of mirror: 26" - Depth: 2.5"

Véronique de Soultrait draws as much inspiration from shapes, from spirals and serpentine forms, as from artists like Mondrian and their all absorbing love of line. Working away in her studio in Lyon, using traditional tactile practices and techniques of old, she has created a style (nevertheless) entirely new and uniquely her own. 

“It’s not because I aim for simplicity that I give into taking the easy route: I’m not the only one who works with this material, but I do it in my own way, and I don’t really think much of being a pioneer or an inventor.”

Her wall decorations, partitions, doors, and trellised panels have caught the eye of interior architects and designers the world-over, and can be found in places as far afield as New York and Paris, Shanghai and Dubai. 

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