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Victor Courtray & Édouard Cazaux

Set of Five Tables




Medium: Oak & ceramic tile

Dimensions: 27.75 in high x 26.75 in wide x 26.75 in deep

This table, with its tile top by Edouard Cazaux (the famed Deco sculptor and ceramist known, in part, for his use of this particular blue) rests upon four solid oak feet, which are arranged in counter-position to the four corners of its symmetrical square top. Courtray, one of the 20th century's leading designers of the Basque region produced, with this table, an elegant, modern look, which, despite its simplicity, is nonetheless rooted in his home's traditional, centuries-old aesthetic. This is one of of a set of ten tables made for Le Royalty Cafe, which still thrives in Biarritz today.

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