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SAIO V / essai

Pays Basque, 2004

ZIG 39


Medium: Patinated bronze

Dimensions: 7.5 in high x 5 in wide

Zigor’s work is shaped by his relationship to the environment of the Basque region—both by the natural landscape as well as the significance of the Basque identity. His sculptures and drawings are marked by an enduring simplicity and a sensitivity to achieving a balance between material and space. This acute appreciation of equilibrium allows some of his largest, heaviest works, even those of bronze to simultaneously possess a distinct quality of lightness.

Recognized as the last important living Basque sculptor, Zigor and his work was featured in a very extensive exhibition in Biarritz, in the heart of the French Basque Country.

Artist proof 1 of IV
Bears foundry marking: Jaizkibel
Signed: Akixo

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