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Brigitte Bouquin-Selles

Brigitte Bouquin-Selles, born in 1959, is a French visual artist.

She was a pupil of Pierre Daquin at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts. (Daquin, a pioneer of the Nouvelle Tapisserie and well-known for his monochromatic works, had a decisive influence on Bouquin-Selles). She now lives in her birthplace of Angers, close to major woven pieces like the Apocalypse de Saint Jean and Jean Lurçat's Le Chant du Monde, and works primarily in felt, delighting in the irony of weaving this unwoven material (felt’s composite fibers are compacted without order).

In "Coques," Bouquin-Selles manipulates felt to create a voluminous textile arrangement. These works are realized with the utmost skill and experience, and are, furthermore, created with a great freedom that allows her to start, stop, and reweave at will. As a consequence the “Coques” series possesses a loose, non-academic, and absolutely unique identity.

These works become monochromatic variations of great sobriety, and undulate under the gaze, toying with shadow and light alike. From this play with material emerges a work of infinite beauty, great delicacy, and feminine poetry.

Bouquin-Selles is represented by Hélène Bréhéret and Benjamin Desprez, who have held numerous exhibitions devoted to the artist both in France and abroad.

1998 : Madrid et Pise « Neds »

2000 : Galerie Christine Phal

2002 : Festival de la Tapisserie à Beauvais

2002 : Salon d’automne de Paris

2002 : Triennale internationale des textiles, Musée de la tapisserie contemporaine Angers

2003 : Galerie SEMA Paris 

2004 : Bibliothèque Forney Paris

2005 : Centre d ‘arts de Canolfan Pays de Galles

2006 : Cooper-Hewitt Museum New York (A gift of Sheila Hicks)

2009 : Château d’Angers

2010 : Lotz Pologne triennale internationale de la tapisserie

2010 : Cabinet artistique Libre Choix, Bruxelles

2013 : Inauguration des Anciennes Écuries espace d’art contemporain Trélazé

2014 : Spazio cultural Brescia Italie

2017 : « Trames » Bruxelles, exposition collective

2017 : Collective Design Fair New York, Maison Gerard / Desprez Breheret Gallery


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