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Swiss born artist Thomas Boog has worked and exhibited extensively in Europe, the United States and South Africa.

Based in Paris, France, he has made his name in the art and design world through his innovative use of the traditional shell art coquillage. Among the world’s oldest art forms, coquillage reached its pinnacle in 18th century France where its popularity with the aristocracy led to the creation of entire pavilions, such as the Pavillon des Coquillages at the Chateau de Rambouillet, completely covered with intricate shell work.

Thomas Boog expertly utilizes the complexity of this technique, while reinvigorating the tradition with his fresh design aesthetic. His clients include Alberto Pinto, Calvin Tsao, Hermés (Paris and Tokyo), François Pinault and Baron Benjamin de Rothschild.

Recent exhibitions of work by Thomas Boog include:
• Gallery "David Champion", London
• Gallery "Hervé van der Straeten", Paris
• Museum "Bellerive", Zürich
• Gallery "Joyce", Paris
• Cultural Center, Belle-Ile sur Mer,France
• Garden Festival, Chaumont sur Loire, France

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