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Trad Table

Thomas Trad is a product designer from Beirut fascinated with manufacturing processes, craftsmanship, and the natural beauty of materials.

He attended London’s Central Saint Martins and the Suikoushya International Craft School in Kyoto, and has worked with the world-renowned studios Fredrikson Stallard and Michael Anastassiades. Over the many years of this education he developed a twin passion for traditional and contemporary techniques alike, which he now brings to bear in his native Beirut, where he returned in 2016 to found his own design studio.

Trad’s aesthetic is one of both organic and abstract shapes—one that unites the pleasurably familiar with forms of challenging ingenuity. Ever at work refining his techniques and pushing the boundaries of what can be said with furnishings, Trad has, in three years, created an extraordinary portfolio—striking, yet subtle, pieces of remarkable beauty. Coupled with his experimental approach to materials, textures, and finishes, this inexhaustible search for the unexpected and beautiful in contemporary furniture has earned Trad a reputation as one of the most impressive emerging designers in Beirut.

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