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NYC Jewelry Week at Maison Gerard

Two Shows: Modern & Contemporary Jewelry + Precious Life

Reception for Both on Wednesday, November 16th, 5-8pm

Run of Shows: November 14th - November 20th, 10am-6pm

Press Release

We are pleased to announce our participation, once again, in this year’s New York City Jewelry Week with two shows, Modern and Contemporary Jewelry and Precious Life, featured at our 53 East 10th Street location.


The most beautiful collections are those with a singular sensitivity combined with taste, originality and passion. Artists’ jewels are considered as miniature works of art. They tell us about another history of art, that of intimacy and love. Karine Zacharias and Esther de Beaucé have been hunting for sculptures to wear for more than ten years. These jewels constitute an intimate and nomadic museum that will be unveiled for the first time in New York. They marry their taste for vintage, modern and contemporary artists’ jewelry with expertise and research. Displaying distinctive design and fine craftsmanship, Karine has selected for NYCJW 22 original jewelry from major modernist designers (50’s to 70’s) such as Burle Marx, Pol Bury, Gilbert Albert and Catherine Noll. Esther will present a collection of wearable art by renowned international contemporary artists such as Joana Vasconcelos, Sophia Vari, Wang Keping and Andres Serrano.

PRECIOUS LIFE: Works by Matthew C. Laurenza

Precious Life is an exuberant celebration of the marvels of nature and a call to action to preserve our world while we still can. In this collection, anatomically-correct dragonflies, beetles, butterflies and other sculpted insects appear alongside bejeweled skulls to link our own fates to that of all creatures great and small. Matthew C. Laurenza first made a name for himself with his fine jewelry collections and bespoke creations that feature natural pearls, color stones and gems. His pieces have been sold at many of the best retailers around the world, including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, and more. The artist creates his intricate jeweled designs from wax, casts them in silver, festoons them with ethically-sourced precious and semi-precious stones, and mounts them with reclaimed materials. He is committed to the preservation of traditional manual techniques, and the quality of his work is beyond reproach.

A reception for both to be held at Maison Gerard on Wednesday, November 16, from 5 to 8pm.

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