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photo of Benoist and daniella

We're delighted to present the latest episode of Daniella on Design, in which Dr. Daniella Ohad interviews Maison Gerard's Benoist F. Drut about the mid-century French design firm Guillerme et Chambron, and the gallery's latest display of the firm's work at the maisonette of 40 East End Avenue. The historian's introduction to the show is as follows:

"Today I am going to explore a new discovery— of two French designers, active in the postwar years, who not only created amazing furniture and interiors, but also envisioned an entire lifestyle. They quickly became successful, formulating homes where families could live both comfortably and in an aesthetic harmony. But they were forgotten. Until now. Their names were Robert Guillerme and Jacques Chambron, and they are going to become the next success story in the world of collecting design. Now, Benoist Drut, owner of the New York gallery Maison Gerard, is in the process of revealing the exceptional furniture of French design duo Robert Guillerme and Jacques Chambron. He is responsible for resurrecting the forgotten and for highlighting their talents and legacy, which have been largely ignored by those writing the story of design. Active in postwar France, they founded the firm Votre Maison, or ‘Your Home.’ They enjoyed success designing furniture and interiors from the 1950s through the 1970s, forging a language that merged comfort and chic, and their pieces were beautifully crafted in wood according to the vogue of the day.

Robert Guillerme studied design and architecture, and Jacques Chambron graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Reims. Sharing an intense passion for interior design, it was only natural that the two men became friends during the tragic events of the Second World War. In fact, they met while imprisoned by the Germans. They were the men of their time and knew how to tailor a contemporary lifestyle for the post-war generation, seeking to distance themselves from the way their parents lived, from the formality, from the old world they knew growing up. Their furniture was beautiful and functional, with a strong French flavor. Their company Votre Maison produced over two thousand models that were influential and recognizable during the 50s, 60s and 70s. Now it is time to remember them, to learn their story, and to start living with this furniture."

Watch the full episode below, and to schedule an appointment to visit the maisonette, please write us at or call 212-674-7611.

To see the works of Guillerme et Chambron in Maison Gerard's collection please click here.

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