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Perriand desk
Charlotte Perriand
Midcentury Wall Mounted Corner Desk with Drawer France, circa 1960 PERR 04B
Perriand desk
Charlotte Perriand
Midcentury Wall Mounted Corner Desk with Drawer France, Circa 1960 PERR 04A
Perriand desk
Charlotte Perriand
Midcentury Wall Mounted Corner Desk with Drawer France, circa 1960 PERR 04C
Jacques Adnet
Jacques Adnet
Fine Semi-Circular Desk France, circa 1936 ADN 50
desk saracino
Antonio Pio Saracino
Pyrite, Desk #4 Italy, 2022 SARAA 19
Fernando Mastrangelo
Escape, Desk United States, 2017 MASTF 08
Jean luc le mounier jewel box
Jean-Luc Le Mounier
Contemporary Jewel Box With Finely Embroidered Doors France, 2021 LEMOJ 08
Designed by Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann and executed by Alfred Porteneuve
Desk / Writing Table France, circa 1935 PORT 03
Calka desk for Leleu
Maurice Calka for Maison Leleu
Boomerang Desk France, 1970 LELEU 316
Guillerme et Chambron Desk
Guillerme et Chambron
Desk with Drawers France, Mid-20th Century GC 38
Gabriel Viardot
Fine and Rare Game Table with Marquetry Design France, 1880-1890 VIA 01
Pierre-Paul Montagnac
Fine Art Deco Table France, 1926 TBL 45
Springer Desk
Karl Springer
Fine and Rare Desk with Rounded Ends United States, circa 1970s SPRING 01
Maitland Smith Desk
Faux Tortoiseshell Inlay Partners Desk United States, circa 1980s MAITS 01
Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann Desk
Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann
Modèle Sultzer, Rare Writing Table France, 1932 RUHL 33
Maison Jansen
Maison Jansen
Unique Corner Bookcase and Desk France, circa 1960 JAN 12
Krass table
In the manner of Christian Krass
Rare Drawing Table France, circa 1930-1940 TBL 123
Achille Salvagni
Achille Salvagni
Osaka, Contemporary Desk with Attached Lamps Italy, 2016 SAL 99
Jacob & Joseph Kohn
Jacob & Joseph Kohn
Pair of Tables Austria, circa 1920 KOHNJ 01
In the manner of Gilbert Poillerat
In the manner of Gilbert Poillerat
Modernist Desk France POLIG 02
Olivier Gagnère for Pouenat
Olivier Gagnère for Pouenat
Lorraine, Bureau France, 2017 GAGNO 02
Sold desk leleu
Maison Leleu
Rare Executive Desk with Conference Table Extension France, 1966 LELEU 318b
Leleu Desk and Vanity
Jules Leleu
Writing Table / Vanity France, 1945 LELEU 327
Guillerme et Chambron desk
Guillerme et Chambron
Asymmetrical Ebonized Desk France, Mid-20th Century GC 89
arbus Desk
Andre Arbus
Fine and Rare Desk France, circa 1940 ARB 03
Derobaix / Ruhlman Desk
Jules Deroubaix
Writing Table in the manner of Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann France, circa 1935 RUHL 23
Dominique - André Domin & Marcel Genevrière
Dominique - André Domin & Marcel Genevrière
Art Deco Writing Table/Desk France, circa 1930 DOM 17
Jacques Adnet
Jacques Adnet
Desk France, circa 1950 ADN 68
Maison Leleu
Maison Leleu
Modernist Desk France, 1959 Leleu 459
michael taylor desk sold
Michael Taylor
Rectangular Modernist Desk United States, 1985 TAYLM 02
Pierre Chapo desk
Pierre Chapo
Model B40 Desk France, circa 1965-1970 CHAP 04
Deroubaix / Ruhlmann vanity
Jules Deroubaix
Vanity in the manner of Emilie Jacques-Ruhlmann France, circa 1935 RUHL 21
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