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Dimensions: 62 in high x 27.75 in wide  x 19 in deep

Medium: Birch and birch carillion woods, leather interior, legs and details in bronze


Artist's statement:

The concept behind this design is to create a piece of furniture that is absolutely female. The Ladies' Petite Armoire is made to store the complete collection of a woman’s lingerie and undergarments. This way, the user has one location within her home where all of these items are stored.

Conventionally, underwear, bras, socks, and stockings are stored in a chest of drawers; while, nightgowns, slips, camisoles, and one-piece lingerie are hung in a closet to prevent wrinkling. These hanging items are frequently stored next to skirts, shirts, and pants which are exposed to the outside elements when worn.

The Ladies' Petite Armoire provides a way for a woman to have all of her undergarments stored properly and kept clean. Lined ultrasuede dividers for underwear, socks, and stockings, provide an organized and luxurious user experience. Molds for bras are outfitted to the drawers to best maintain the shape of each garment.

The main body of the design is set higher above the ground than a typical dresser or armoire as to give a sense of occasion to the user’s experience. It is made to feel a bit like a jewelry box for undergarments. Upon opening the exterior doors, the user will at once see a section for hanging short items, and eight pull-out drawers that resemble those of a high-end custom closet.


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