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Dennis Abbe

Unique Round Coffee Table with Etched Glass Top

United States, 1980s



Medium: Acid etched glass, bronze

Dimensions: 16 in high x 40 in diameter

This remarkable table is one of Dennis Abbe's finest creations. A founder, and the first president, of The Art Deco Society of New York, Abbe was a pioneer in rekindling interest in the Deco aesthetic, and can be counted among those responsible for the popularity it enjoyed by the close of the 20th Century. A master draftsmen and a dedicated craftsman, Abbe produced etched glass of a quality unseen for some fifty years.

This table, which Abbe created for his personal West End Avenue apartment, is crowned with an exquisite top of etched glass depicting the planets and the sun, a grand planetary motif echoed by its weightless brass base.

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