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Douglas Fanning

Uneven Dual Pirogue, Contemporary Ceiling Light

United States, 2021



Craig LaCourt at 40 East End Avenue.


Craig LaCourt at 40 East End Avenue.


Medium: Lacquered aluminum, LEDs

Dimensions: 48 in high x 72 in wide x 8 in deep

Each blade starts as a solid brass or aluminum bar that is then machined to form the "Pirogue", or canoe, shape at its ends. Long channels are milled top and bottom to conceal the LEDs. Then the bar is returned to the machine in order to create the "watery," rippled effect on the underside. The bars are then finely brushed, heated with a torch, and hand patinated to a dark oil-rubbed bronze, after which they are cleaned, lacquered, and fitted with LEDs. Aluminum bars are sanded, primed, and painted to the specified color and fitted with LEDs. All work is fabricated in our studio.

These blades use a 1 inch x 2 inch bar to give a heavier appearance than other versions of Pirogue and finished as patinated solid brass  or as painted aluminum in Matte Black & Matte White, Gloss Black & Gloss White, or Silver.

LEDs are dimmable 2700K warm white.

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