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Douglas Fanning

Pangaea, Coffee Table

United States, 2023



Textured bronze and blackened stainless steel

 68”x 56” shown at either 8” or 14” H

As with most of Fanning's pieces, for this remarkable table, he took inspiration from the earth—in this case the ancient super continent Pangaea. The name (Pangaea) is derived from ancient greek pan (all, entire, whole) and Gaia or Gaea (Mother Earth, land). Made by hand, the assemblage is a work of supreme craftsmanship, representing hundreds of hours of painstaking and expert labor.  

Drawing from his knowledge of art and design (in addition to his architectural expertise), Douglas Fanning continually pushes the boundaries between form and physics to create clean, fluid, yet uncompromisingly daring pieces. In short, his multi-disciplined work harnesses a seamless creative dialogue between intellectual exploration and the organic realization of idea

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