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Emiiano Céliz

Armonía Imprefecta II, No 216 Contemporary Sculptural Vase

Argentina, 2021


Celiz vase
Celiz vase
Celiz vase
Celiz vase


Silver plated copper

Height: 10.5" - Width: 12" - Depth: 13"

Céliz begins each piece with an idea (rather than sketches) and in the making of it discovers his final design. More incredible still, his decorative artworks are often wrought from a single plate of copper or silver, a technique mastered by only a few artists in the world. The result is a collection of objects closer to the sculptural than to the utilitarian, adding art to the artisanal and revealing new possibilities for renowned Argentine silverware.

Artist Statement:

"Alchemizing the stone with fire, hammering and tapping, I forge the metal. Trying to persuade her gently, encouraging her into shape with my hands—it is an attempt to create. I imitate: the flowers, the waves of the wind, the blossoms, the mighty dance of life! I start by edging with steel; sparkles, textures, and shades are born. As bright as dawn, silver comes to shine.”

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