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Fernand Ledoux (1897-1993) & Lucien Coutaud (1904-1977)

Pair of Dual-Leafed Folding Screens

France, mid 1950s


Coutaud screen
Coutaud screen
Coutaud screen
Coutaud screen
Coutaud screen


Limed oak, mirrored and polychrome glass

Each: Height: 85.625" - Width: 23.875"

The designer (and owner) of these doors was Fernand Ledoux (1897-1993), a famous French actor directed by Jean Renoir, Marcel Carné, Jean Becker, Claude Chabrol, and Orson Welles among others.

These double doors were inspired by the tapestries of Lucien Coutaud. Ledoux owned the villa 'Les ramiers' in Villerville-sur-mer (Normandy) and lived next to Lucien Coutaud’s vacation cottage. Ledoux, who also painted in his spare time, was, in the creation of these doors, inspired by three of Lucien Coutaud's tapestries Orphée et les muses (1942), Le piano des villes (1943), and Harpe des eaux (1943), made for the Compagnie des Arts Français. These adorned the staircase leading to, and the bar of, and the salon at the Hotel George V in Paris.

The tapestries were not reproduced in colors at this time though it is certain that Lucien Coutaud gave Ledoux the original tapestry cardboards and probably helped him in their production.

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