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Jacques Blin

Glazed Ceramic Vase

France, Mid-20th Century


blin sold
Blin Vase
Blin Vase
Blin Vase
Blin Vase


Medium: Glazed ceramic

Dimesions: Height: 15.25"-Diameter: 9.5"

During the early 1960s Jacques Blin developed a new technique with Jean Rustin, etching  creations on his clay before firing, adding to these designs later with glaze and oxides. With these steps he improved upon the execution of the semi-abstract imagery by which his work is today recognized—monochromatic images of stylized people, crops, and beasts right out of the cave paintings of his native France, or the mythic tales portrayed in unearthed Greek pottery.  He created these beautiful images of everyday life on cloudy monochromatic backgrounds (often and notably) in shades of blue.

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