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Brushed stainless steel, ebony, platinum enamel, interior is satin wood

Height: 37.4" - Width: 79" - Depth: 16.5"

Behind all of Le Mounier’s creations “there is an idea, a story”—a highly personal memory culled from his varied experiences exploring new cities and encountering natural phenomena; his inspiration is drawn alike from moments of quiet repose and the extraordinary people he has met working across several continents.

Jean-Luc Le Mounier’s work has such a distinct style it is at times easy to overlook its underlying craft. A Compagnon du Devoir, he creates each piece by his thoroughly expert hand. To evoke the rugged Hamada landscape, Le Mounier mounts individually sculpted metal plates (each of which he creates by a process of melting black crystal onto copper foil, and then finishing it with platinum) onto a semi-reflective, brushed, black stainless steel facade. The piece features three large drawers centered between two doors which open onto adjustable shelves of lush lemon tree. The console’s base of ebony, serves a kind of shadow of the piece’s facade.

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