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Karl Springer

Freeform Coffee Table

United States, 1994



Dimensions: Height: 18" - Width: 46" - Depth: 26"

Medium: Polished steel and black glass

Karl Springer's voracious appetite for design knowledge can be seen in his work, which is influenced by a wide variety of aesthetics, from the more contemporary Bauhaus, to those of ancient China and the Ashanti of Africa. His primary aesthetic influence, however, was Art Deco, and his work is heavily indebted to its greats, like Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann and Jean-Michel Frank. His work possesses the beautiful simplicity of their simple forms, and incorporates, like theirs, exotic and luxurious materials. 

Springer's quest for high quality imbued his work with an unrivaled sense of scale and proportion, and his attention to detail and devotion to uncompromising craftsmanship won him respect throughout the design industry. His work was sought out by the best designers of the two decades to follow, finding its way into the homes of, among others, Jackie Onassis, Diana Ross, and Frank Sinatra. 

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