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Medium: Silvered, hand-blown Bohemian crystal

Dimensions: 59 inch diameter

Kiko Lopez is one of the few artisans today using generations-old glass-making techniques, such as the special application of silver in glass. This large mirror exhibits his mastery of these near-forgotten practises—Lopez’s particular dedication to employing age old methods to create singular and innovative works of art.

Of the series, the artist says,"My Oracles—disks of light and line—speak to the life of glass: how it is born in a molten state, pools upon the bronze, and as a finished product, drips with light. The Oracle series alludes to the omniscience of mirrored reflections. Like eyes, they capture vision, and as mirrors, they portray what they 'see.' They are not necessarily perfect circles, nor is their thickness standardized. Their edges are rounded, inviting touch. Their surfaces are deep, textured pools where light and darkness interact with reflections, creating a moving, immersive encounter that invites interpretation."

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